Why use interim managers?

  • because you can get a quick solution since SLP provides the best candidate within days,
  • because it is a cost effective solution, you can save at least 15% of the total cost and there are no hidden cost elements,
  • because you can substantially reduce the human risk of failure, as SLP will provide you with the most experienced leaders with a proven track record,
  • because you can substantially reduce the financial risk of any failure, as the contract can be cancelled without negative financial consequences,
  • because we support you from the beginning with free consultancy in order to articulate the problem and identify the objectives ,
  • because we consult you regularly throughout the whole project without charging any extra fee,
  • because once the project has been completed, there will be no labour-related issues such as dismissal or redundancy payments,
  • because for your next project you will be able to draw on the interim manager best suited to the new task.