Our Services

SLP quickly provides its clients with experienced leaders who give their support and help to speed up change. SLP offers clients fast and reliable solutions to achieve jointly agreed objectives in the following areas:

Crisis management
  • Closures;
  • Reorganisation;
  • Turn-around, change in business culture.

Project management
  • Start-up companies or branches, new business;
  • Significant business development, growth;
  • Expert projects (product, process, system implementation etc.);
  • Mergers & acquisitions;
  • Preparation for sale;
  • Cost reduction, profit increase.

Gap management

When a leader is unexpectedly unavailable, it is imperative for them to be replaced immediately by someone of high quality (in order to ensure that the company can operate at a high level). As well as performing day-to-day tasks, the interim manager will also support the client in finding the permanent member of staff and training them for the job.