Interim Management

Interim Management is a management tool enabling companies to perform non-routine tasks even where fixed costs have to fall (e.g. by reducing number of staff).

"Hire and fire" is what the literature tells you to do with managers. That means: hire the best people and get rid of them when you do not need them any longer. In these careful and cautious times this principle has not always been applied and top managers have often stayed with the company for decades.

This is a changing world in search of the most effective solutions. Cost pressure has made companies keep only those resources needed for normal activity. This is also the case nowadays for senior management. Companies cannot afford to operate with a redundant structure, with "spare" managers waiting for an unexpected project to turn up. For any activity which is out of the ordinary, managers from outside need to be brought in.

Interim Management is a set of tools capable of dealing with exceptional situations economically and effectively at minimum risk and almost guaranteed success. Experienced and successful managers are what is needed.

This is the solution SLP offers.